Use of desmids to assess the natural conservation value of a Hungarian oxbow (Malom-Tisza, NE-Hungary)

Eniko Krasznai, Gizella Fehér, Gábor Borics, Gábor Várbíró, István Grigorszky, Béla Tóthmérész

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A method recently proposed by Coesel that uses the desmid flora to assess the conservation value of aquatic habitats was applied to an alkaline and hypertrophic oxbow of the Upper Tisza river (NE Hungary). According to the macrophyte community the oxbow contains two distinct habitats, both of which provide suitable conditions for the development of a rich desmid flora. High temporal and spatial differences in the algal flora were observed in periphyton and plankton samples taken in June and August 2004. The sample of Utricularia vulgaris periphyton collected in August was characterised by the most species-rich desmid flora. The conservation value of this sample was the maximum according to Coesel's method. The latter also proved to be useful for the assessment of the conservation value of plankton net samples taken from among the macrophytes. The use of modified rarity value calculations as recently proposed by Fehér did not significantly affect the conservation value, but different enumeration methods to quantify the floristic diversity did result in different conservation values. We found that Coesel's desmid based method is a useful tool for assessing the conservation value of the studied oxbow. Based our results the Coesel method's applicability and usefulness depended on (i) the sampling location (open water or macrophytic region) samples were taken from open water or from macrophytic region; and (ii) species enumeration procedures (up to 400 specimens counted, or whole droplets counted).

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Publication statusPublished - dec. 1 2008

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