The medium-grained gabbro of the Jabuka Islet ("Scoglio del Pomo', Adriatic Sea)

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The Jabuka islet, entirely formed by igneous rocks, is located within the Mesozoic succession of the Adriatic Foreland. Jabuka rocks are mostly represented by an intrusion of a two-clinopyroxene medium-gained gabbro which would derive from the crystallization of a slightly differentiated subalkaline magma. The coinciding K/Ar isochron ages of about 200 Ma, measured for different mineral fractions, should roughly reflect the latest stage of crystallization of the gabbroic intrusion. Geological and chronological data, petrography and mineral chemistry of the Jabuka gabbro support a tectono-magmatic hypothesis of a subalkaline ensialic intrusion during the early extensional processes of the continental crust occurred since middle Triassic in the western Tethys. -from Authors

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