The first dinosaur remains from the Upper Cretaceous of Hungary (Csehbánya Formation, Bakony Mts)

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The first dinosaur remains are described from the Upper Cretaceous (Santonian) Csehbánya Formation, Iharkút, Bakony Mts, Hungary. Eight teeth of herbivorous dinosaurs (Rhabdodontidae indet. Nodosauridae indet.) and four teeth belonging to Theropoda indet. are presented. There are also hundreds of fish, frog, turtle and crocodile bones and teeth embedded in fluvial sand of an alluvial plain. Palaeobiogeographic connections towards Provence, the eastern Alps, and southern Carpathians indicate that the Adriatic microplate bearing the fossiliferous succession was an island temporarily connected to the European continent during Late Cretaceous time.

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