A komplex parodontális kezelés egyes lépéseinek hatása a parodontális szövetek regenerációjára.

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The regenerative potential of the periodontal tissues is relatively limited. The attachment loss has long been considered as an irreversible damage of the periodontium. Most of the conventional methods of the comprehensive periodontal treatment provided no convincing evidence of true new periodontal attachment formation. Most of the surgical and nonsurgical approaches achieved either secondary gingival recession and/or long epithelial attachement. The recently introduced guided tissue regeneration techniques can make the regeneration of the fibrous periodontal attachment and convincing clinical and histological evidences of new cementum and bone formation possible, as well as the regeneration of the perpendicular Sharpey's fibers fully embedded into the matrix of the appositionally formed new cementum and bone. The theories and clinical implications of these techniques are discussed and illustrated with clinical cases.

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JournalFogorvosi szemle
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Publication statusPublished - okt. 1997


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