The ASY-EOS experiment at GSI: Investigating symmetry energy at supra-saturation densities

P. Russotto, M. Chartier, M. D. Cozma, E. De Filippo, A. Le Fèvre, S. Gannon, I. Gašparić, M. Kiš, S. Kupny, Y. Leifels, R. C. Lemmon, Q. Li, J. Łukasik, P. Marini, P. Pawłowski, S. Santoro, W. Trautmann, M. Veselsky, L. Acosta, M. AdamczykA. Al-Ajlan, M. Al-Garawi, S. Al-Homaidhi, F. Amorini, L. Auditore, T. Aumann, Y. Ayyad, V. Baran, Z. Basrak, R. Bassini, J. Benlliure, C. Boiano, M. Boisjoli, K. Boretzky, J. Brzychczyk, A. Budzanowski, G. Cardella, P. Cammarata, Z. Chajecki, A. Chbihi, M. Colonna, B. Czech, M. Di Toro, M. Famiano, V. Greco, L. Grassi, C. Guazzoni, P. Guazzoni, M. Heil, L. Heilborn, R. Introzzi, T. Isobe, K. Kezzar, A. Krasznahorkay, N. Kurz, E. La Guidara, G. Lanzalone, P. Lasko, I. Lombardo, W. G. Lynch, Z. Matthews, L. May, T. Minniti, M. Mostazo, A. Pagano, M. Papa, S. Pirrone, R. Pleskac, G. Politi, F. Porto, R. Reifarth, W. Reisdorf, F. Riccio, F. Rizzo, E. Rosato, D. Rossi, H. Simon, I. Skwirczynska, Z. Sosin, L. Stuhl, A. Trifirò, M. Trimarchi, M. B. Tsang, G. Verde, M. Vigilante, A. Wieloch, P. Wigg, H. H. Wolter, P. Wu, S. Yennello, P. Zambon, L. Zetta, M. Zoric

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The elliptic-flow ratio of neutrons with respect to protons or light complex particles in reactions of heavy-ions at pre-relativistic energies has been proposed as an observable sensitive to the strength of the symmetry term of the nuclear equation of state at supra-saturation densities. The results obtained from the existing FOPI/LAND data for 197Au+197Au collisions at 400 MeV/nucleon in comparison with the UrQMD model simulations favoured a moderately soft symmetry term, but suffer from a considerable statistical uncertainty. These results have been confirmed by an independent analysis based on the Tübingen QMD simulations. In order to obtain an improved data set for Au+Au collisions and to extend the study to other systems, a new experiment was carried out at the GSI laboratory by the ASY-EOS collaboration. The present status of the data analysis is reported

Original languageEnglish
Article number03074
JournalEPJ Web of Conferences
Publication statusPublished - 2014
Event2013 International Nuclear Physics Conference, INPC 2013 - Firenze, Italy
Duration: jún. 2 2013jún. 7 2013

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    Russotto, P., Chartier, M., Cozma, M. D., De Filippo, E., Le Fèvre, A., Gannon, S., Gašparić, I., Kiš, M., Kupny, S., Leifels, Y., Lemmon, R. C., Li, Q., Łukasik, J., Marini, P., Pawłowski, P., Santoro, S., Trautmann, W., Veselsky, M., Acosta, L., ... Zoric, M. (2014). The ASY-EOS experiment at GSI: Investigating symmetry energy at supra-saturation densities. EPJ Web of Conferences, 66, [03074].