TEM study of GaAs implanted with high dose nitrogen ions

B. Pécz, L. Tóth, L. Dobos, T. Szuts, V. Heera, W. Skorupa, T. Dekorsy

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Nitrogen ions were implanted into (100) GaAs at high temperature (400 and 600°C) and high dose (2×1017 and 6×1017 ions/cm2) in order to synthesize small GaN crystallites. The defective strip due to implantation is about 500 nm thick and stacking faults appeared as the characteristic defect. Selected area diffraction patterns show that cubic GaN was formed in samples implanted at 600°C. The precipitates formed are typically 5 nm in size and are epitaxial to the host GaAs. Some larger precipitates are also observed from which the matching of the two lattices could be determined.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)441-444
Number of pages4
JournalDesign and Nature
Publication statusPublished - nov. 17 2004
EventDesign and Nature II: Comparing Design in Nature with Science and Engineering - Rhodes, Greece
Duration: jún. 28 2004jún. 30 2004

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    Pécz, B., Tóth, L., Dobos, L., Szuts, T., Heera, V., Skorupa, W., & Dekorsy, T. (2004). TEM study of GaAs implanted with high dose nitrogen ions. Design and Nature, 6, 441-444.