Sebészi onkológia

Jakab Ferenc, Láng István

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There is a significant difference in clinical course, incidence and prevalence of diseases - especially those of malignant nature - in reference to topographic location and historical manifestation. According to the mortality data in the literature in the year of 1905 malignancies were considered as cause of death only in 4% of the cases. In his massive study, The Mortality from Cancer throughout the World (1915), Frederick L. Hoffmann, one of the founders of the American Cancer Association observed half a million new cancer cases throughout the world. In our days according to the data offered by WHO there are 10 million new cancer cases registered a year in the world, 7 million people decease due to cancer related causes a year. Prognostic data reveal 15 million new cancer cases per year in the upcoming 10 years. In Hungary, at present, in 52% of the cases a cardiovascular and in 25% an oncological disease is appointed as the underlying cause of death. Among the malignancies the first place is occupied by pulmonary and the second by colorectal cancer. In the treatment of cancer the surgical intervention, the curative R0 resection has an upmost importance. Hitherto we would like to offer an overview of surgical oncology in the management of diseases of malignant origin. Surgical oncology is a multidisciplinary activity well characterized by the metaphor famously used by the seventeenth-century scientist Isaac Newton: we are "Dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants" so that we surgical oncologists at present can do more for our patients by the virtue of the knowledge raised by our giant predecessors.

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