Tapasztalataink a fiatal- és felno′ttkori veleszületett szívhibák sebészi kezelésében 2001-2008

István Hartyánszky, Andrea Székely, László Király, Zsolt Prodán, Sándor Mihályi, Gábor Bodor, Csaba Tamás, Imre Kassai, Levente Fazakas, András Temesvári, András Szatmári

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The leading interventions due to congenital heart defects performed in adults are: (I) reconstructive operations, including: (a) newly diagnosed malformations, (b) previously adjudged to be inoperable defects, (c) so called "tardive" interventions due to pulmonaryhypertension or right ventricle insuffi ciency. There is a growing number of (II) REDO operations, including: (a) correction of residual defects, (b) replacement of damaged or outgrown homografts, (c) recoarctation (aneurysm, dissection) of the aorta after surgical or catheter interventions, (d) Ross procedure, valve replacements due to previously performed aortic valvulotomy/valvuloplasty or corrections of different malformations (e.g. TGA). Patients and results: 166 of all 4496 operations were performed in adolescents and adults (age: 16-52 years, mean: 28 years) between years 2001-2008. The distribution of these interventions: Ia: 77, Ib: 15, Ic: 4, IIa: 11, IIb: 22, IIc: 9, IId: 28. Mortality rates were the following: 0 intraoperative, 4 early postoperative, 1 pulmonary hypertensive crisis, 1 malignant rhythm disturbances, 2 multi-organ failure. Conclusions: The main risk factors are pulmonary hypertension and right ventricle failure. Complex surgical solutions do not mean extreme problems for a congenital cardiac surgeon, but earlier diagnosis and the use of ECMO during therapy may improve the results.

Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)1739-1743
Number of pages5
JournalOrvosi hetilap
Issue number37
Publication statusPublished - szept. 1 2009



  • Congenital heart diseases in adults

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