Surface resistance estimation of some crops using different climate, soil-, and vegetation-specific data

Hajnalka Breuer, Ferenc Ács

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Annual course of different crop surface resistance (rc) parameters at Szarvas was analyzed. In the analysis, a set of independent climatological, satellite, soil- and vegetation-specific data was used. Soil- and plant-specific data were taken from the literature. Of plant-specific data, the plant coefficient data determined by evapotranspirometer measurements were used. The soil texture at Szarvas is clay. The estimation method of rc is based on calculating the ratio between the actual and potential evapotranspiration, which is a proven method for climatological applications. It is found that rc is mainly governed by the changes of the available water in the soil. It is also found that rc variations induced by variations of the available water in the soil are much larger than rc variations induced by plant species changes represented by plant coefficients. The analysis showed that some results obtained in the faraway past can also be successfully used for "state of the art" biophysical modeling purposes in the meteorology.

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Publication statusPublished - júl. 1 2010


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