Study of gamma transitions and level scheme of 94Nb using the 93Nb(nth,2γ) reaction

David Knezevic, Nikola Jovancevic, Anatoly M. Sukhovoj, Aleksandar Dragic, Liudmila V. Mitsyna, László Szentmiklósi, Tamás Belgya, Stephan Oberstedt, Miodrag Krmar, Ilija Arsenic, Vu D. Cong

Research output: Article


In this paper, we present new spectroscopic information on Nb94 from the Nb93(nth,2γ) reaction. The intensities of the two-step gamma cascades in the compound nucleus Nb94 to the final levels, with excitation energies below 400 keV, were derived from experimental spectra recorded at the PGAA facility of Centre for Energy Research (MTA EK), Budapest, Hungary. The intensities, energies of primary and secondary transitions of 216 energy-resolved cascades as well as intermediate cascade levels were determined. The part of the level scheme of Nb94 was obtained from analyzing the intensity spectra of the strongest cascades. The results were compared to the existing data in the ENSDF database. We concluded that 27 primary transitions, 29 intermediate cascades levels as well as 183 secondary transitions can be recommended as new nuclear data.

Original languageEnglish
Article number121645
JournalNuclear Physics A
Publication statusPublished - jan. 2020

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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    Knezevic, D., Jovancevic, N., Sukhovoj, A. M., Dragic, A., Mitsyna, L. V., Szentmiklósi, L., Belgya, T., Oberstedt, S., Krmar, M., Arsenic, I., & Cong, V. D. (2020). Study of gamma transitions and level scheme of 94Nb using the 93Nb(nth,2γ) reaction. Nuclear Physics A, 993, [121645].