Strength of the Ep=1.842 MeV resonance in the 40 Ca(p, γ) 41 Sc reaction reexamined

Konrad Schmidt, Shavkat Akhmadaliev, Michael Anders, Daniel Bemmerer, Antonio Caciolli, Mirco Dietz, Zoltán Elekes, Arnd R. Junghans, Marie Luise Menzel, Ronald Schwengner, Andreas Wagner, Kai Zuber

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The strength of the Ep=1.842 MeV resonance in the 40Ca(p,γ)41Sc reaction is determined with two different methods: First, by an absolute strength measurement using calcium hydroxide targets, and second, relative to the well-determined strength of the resonance triplet at Eα = 4.5 MeV in the 40Ca(α,γ)44Ti reaction. The present new value of ωγ=(0.192±0.017) eV is 37% (equivalent to 3.5σ) higher than the evaluated literature value. In addition, the ratio of the strengths of the 1.842 MeV 40Ca(p,γ)41Sc and 4.5 MeV 40Ca(α,γ)44Ti resonances has been determined to be 0.0229±0.0018. The newly corrected strength of the 1.842-MeV resonance can be used in the future as a normalization point for experiments with calcium targets.

Original languageEnglish
Article number045802
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - ápr. 18 2014


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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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Schmidt, K., Akhmadaliev, S., Anders, M., Bemmerer, D., Caciolli, A., Dietz, M., Elekes, Z., Junghans, A. R., Menzel, M. L., Schwengner, R., Wagner, A., & Zuber, K. (2014). Strength of the Ep=1.842 MeV resonance in the 40 Ca(p, γ) 41 Sc reaction reexamined. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 89(4), [045802].