Sonographic and Anatomic Description of the Subtalar Joint

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Our study provides a detailed anatomic and sonographic description of the subtalar joint, a single joint that, anatomically, is divided into the anterior subtalar joint (ASTJ) and the posterior subtalar joint (PSTJ). Cadaver specimens of the ankle and foot were examined in detail by ultrasound (US), and the subtalar joints of all the specimens were injected with colored latex of a contrasting color under US guidance. Compatible with other studies, examination of the sections revealed lack of communication between the ASTJ and the PSTJ and communication between the PSTJ and the posterior recess of the tibiotalar joint. A recommended list of standardized ultrasound scans was developed using a Delphi consensus process, which allows sonographers to evaluate both the ASTJ and PSTJ from the medial, lateral and posterior aspects. The recommended ultrasound scans were found to be applicable based on a test of agreement between images acquired in cadaver specimens and images acquired in four centers using healthy patients.

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