Small RNA NGS revealed the presence of cherry virus A and little cherry virus 1 on apricots in hungary

Dániel Baráth, Nikoletta Jaksa-Czotter, János Molnár, Tünde Varga, Júlia Balássy, Luca Krisztina Szabó, Zoltán Kirilla, Gábor E. Tusnády, Éva Preininger, Éva Várallyay

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Fruit trees, such as apricot trees, are constantly exposed to the attack of viruses. As they are propagated in a vegetative way, this risk is present not only in the field, where they remain for decades, but also during their propagation. Metagenomic diagnostic methods, based on next generation sequencing (NGS), offer unique possibilities to reveal all the present pathogens in the investigated sample. Using NGS of small RNAs, a special field of these techniques, we tested leaf samples of different varieties of apricot originating from an isolator house or open field stock nursery. As a result, we identified Cherry virus A (CVA) and little cherry virus 1 (LChV-1) for the first time in Hungary. The NGS results were validated by RT-PCR and also by Northern blot in the case of CVA. Cloned and Sanger sequenced viral-specific PCR products enabled us to investigate their phylogenetic relationships. However, since these pathogens have not been described in our country before, their role in symptom development and modification during co-infection with other viruses requires further investigation.

Original languageEnglish
Article number318
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - jún. 11 2018


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Baráth, D., Jaksa-Czotter, N., Molnár, J., Varga, T., Balássy, J., Szabó, L. K., Kirilla, Z., Tusnády, G. E., Preininger, É., & Várallyay, É. (2018). Small RNA NGS revealed the presence of cherry virus A and little cherry virus 1 on apricots in hungary. Viruses, 10(6), [318].