A myofibroblastok szerepe a vastagbél gyulladásos és daganatos folyamataiban

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Stroma cells with the microenvironment around them have primary role in the regulation of inflammation processes, conformation of tumors and development of metastasis. Myofibroblasts have essential role in inflammation processes and in the regeneration of encompassed tissue. Molecules produced by them operate the cells of the immunsystem and effect the proliferation of epithelium. Tumors can activate myofibroblasts which can lead to uncontrolled epithelium proliferation across production of changed and increased regulation ligands (such as cytokin, chemokin, chemotactic and other growth factors) and activation of stem cell. This process could lead piling of uncontrolled epithelial cells and can impact later on comformation of tumors. In this study we present an overview about of myofibroblasts and their roles in inflammation and neoplastic processes.

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  • Carcinoma associated fi broblast
  • Myofi broblast
  • Tumor development

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