A talaj hidraulikus tulajdonságainak és a planetáris határréteg magasságának kapcsolata

Hajnalka Breuer, Ferenc Ács, Borbála Laza, István Matyasovszky, Ákos Horváth, Tamás Weidinger, Kálmán Rajkai

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In this study, the relationship between the planetary boundary layer (PBL) and the hydraulic properties of the soil was analysed. Special attention was paid to the sensitivity of the PBL height to the dataset used for determining soil parameters. The simulations were performed using the MM5 meso-scale modelling system. The PBL height was estimated using both the Janjic's Eta PBL and MRF schemes, while the soil properties were calculated using soil datasets from Hungary and the USA. The model domain covered the Carpathian Basin, i.e. Hungary and certain territories belonging to neighbouring countries. Six days were analysed, three of them in detail (one day each in summer, autumn and winter). High pressure systems influenced the weather on most of the chosen days, so they were mostly cloud-free, leading to more intense insolation and stronger local convection, making it possible to detect the impact caused by soil differences. Each simulation was performed for 24 hours, starting at 0:00 UTC, and the outputs were displayed every 15 minutes. The results of the sensitivity test were also subjected to a significance test. When the Eta scheme was applied, 60-90% of the model domain was found to be significantly sensitive to the soil dataset used on five of the six days. Only on the winter day was this value below 50%, though when the MRF scheme was applied, the results for the same winter day showed a sensitivity of 89%, suggesting that changes in the height of PBL were more sensitive to the method used to parameterize the PBL height than to the soil database used. Nevertheless, it became clear that soil hydraulic properties could influence the weather not only in the case of rainfall, but also in rain-free weather situations of the convective type. The results obtained could be useful for the meso-scale modelling of soil-atmosphere feedback processes.

Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)9-28
Number of pages20
JournalAgrokemia es Talajtan
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - jún. 1 2012



  • idojá rási modell
  • planetáris határréteg magasság
  • szignifikancia vizsgálat
  • talaj hidrofizikai paraméterek
  • talajadatbázis

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