A Csongrád megyei vastagbélszûrési pilot program minõségi indikátorai és teljesítménymutatói

Zsuzsanna Kivés, Attila Kovács, András Budai, Lajos Döbrõssy, Réka Vajda, Dóra Endrei, I. Boncz

Research output: Article


Colorectal cancer is a major social and economic burden for developed countries. Our analysis aimed to evaluate the quality and performance indicators of colorectal cancer screening pilot program. The colon cancer screening pilot program was carried out in 2015 involving an average-risk population aged 50-69 in Csongrád county, Hungary. The analysis involved data from the Communication module of the Office of the National Chief Medical Officer. We recorded 21.1% invitation rate (22,130 persons), 51.2% attendance and 47.3% participation rates, with a higher female participation rate (p<0.001). Participation rate was far lower than the expected 65%. The rate of non-negative results (13.1%) exceeds the international reference rate. Participation rate on the colonoscopy screening (90.1%) reached the expected value. Compared to the number of actual colonoscopies performed, adenomas were found in 2.5% and malignant lesions in 0.3% of the cases. Our results highlight the deficiencies regarding the follow-up and data recording of screening results in the IT system as well as the lack of communication between the GP and the diagnostic laboratories.

Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)127-134
Number of pages8
JournalMagyar onkologia
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - jún. 21 2019


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Kivés, Z., Kovács, A., Budai, A., Döbrõssy, L., Vajda, R., Endrei, D., & Boncz, I. (2019). A Csongrád megyei vastagbélszûrési pilot program minõségi indikátorai és teljesítménymutatói. Magyar onkologia, 64(2), 127-134.