Platinum(II) complexes of 2-alkoxy-dibenzo[c.e][1,2]oxaphosphorines

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2-Alkoxy-dibenzo[c.e][1,2]oxaphosphorines were prepared by the reaction of chloro-dibenzooxaphosphorine with alcohols and were converted to the cyclic phosphonates by oxidation and to the corresponding phosphonous boranes by reaction with borane-dimethylsulfide. Interaction of the alkoxy- dibenzooxaphosphorines with dichlorodibenzonitrileplatinum led to bis(dibenzooxaphosphorino)dichloroplatinum complexes exhibiting the P-ligands in the cis disposition. Relative energetics for the prepared cis and the theoretically possible trans isomers of the complexes along with their stereostructures were investigated by quantum chemical calculations.

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JournalTransition Metal Chemistry
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Publication statusPublished - máj. 1 2008


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