Peripheral blood leukocyte subpopulations a long time after posttraumatic splenectomy.

J. Demeter, R. Mihalik, M. Benczúr, D. Lehoczky, K. Pálóczi

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Peripheral blood leukocyte subpopulations have been determined in 50 patients a long time (2 to 20 years) after posttraumatic splenectomy. These otherwise healthy individuals had significant lymphocytosis and monocytosis, while the absolute number of granulocytes did not differ statistically from that of the controls. The absolute number of CD2+, CD3+ as well as CD4+ and CD8+ peripheral blood mononuclear cells was found to be elevated, while the number of CD21+, CD20+ and HLA-DR+ PBMN cells was significantly decreased. The absolute number of sIgM+ as well as CD16+ MN cells did not differ statistically from that of the controls. Two further patients were found to have developed B-chronic lymphocytic leukaemia 5 and 31 years following posttraumatic splenectomy, respectively.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 1991


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