On the role of acid site in NOX decomposition over Pt/ZSM-5 and Pt-Co/ZSM-5 catalysts

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Pt/ZSM-5 and Pt-Co/ZSM-5 samples have been characterized and applied in NO decomposition. Treatment of the catalysts in a stream of H2 or in an aqueous solution of NaBH4 resulted in a full reduction of platinum but only about 10% of Co2+ ions were reduced to Co0. The samples treated in H2 resulted in Brønsted acidity, whereas the specimens treated by NaBH4 had no Brønsted acidity. The concentration of metal components on the outer surface of the samples varied upon different reduction procedure. Enhanced surface concentration of cobalt was observed for sample treated by NaBH4. Continuous increase in the NO decomposition with reaction temperature was found for Pt-Co/ZSM-5 treated by H2, however, the sample treated with NaBH4 had extremely low activity. This feature may be explained by the simultaneous presence of metallic component and the Brønsted acid sites.

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JournalStudies in Surface Science and Catalysis
Publication statusPublished - jan. 1 1999


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