On the correlation between heat flow and crustal thickness

L. Bodri, B. Bodri

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In this study the results of a search for correlation between terrestrial heat flow and the thickness of the earth's crust are presented. The correlation is sought for separately in different categories of the tectonic formations considered. These categories are defined by the thickness of the consolidated crust and also the degree of correspondence between the variations of the positions of the upper and lower boundaries of the consolidated crust along particular tectonic units. The calculations show a definite correlation to exist between heat flow and Moho-depths in every category considered. This correlation is positive for tectonic formations with thick crust, and negative for those with normal and thinned crust. It is found that the thinning of the crust with increasing heat flow results in one and the same correlational relationship for three different particular categories of platform structures, which, however, have quite different thermal regimes. This particular correlation appears to be stronger than any of the other correlational relationships obtained in this work. A physical interpretation of this close correlation will be given in a subsequent paper.

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Publication statusPublished - nov. 20 1985

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