New pathways towards pyridazino-fused ring systems

Péter Mátyus, Bert U.W. Maes, Zsuzsanna Riedl, György Hajós, Guy L.F. Lemière, Pál Tapolcsányi, Katrien Monsieurs, Olivér Éliás, Roger A. Dommisse, Gábor Krajsovszky

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Novel, efficient synthetic pathways were developed for the synthesis of a variety of pyridazino-fused polycyclic ring systems not easily accessible by other routes. The strategy is based on the sequential or one-pot combinations of a palladium catalyzed C-C bond forming process (Suzuki or Heck-type reaction) and a C-X (X = N, O) or another C-C bond forming reaction (for C-X: nucleophilic substitution, condensation, lactonization, nitrene C-H insertion, Buchwald-Hartwig animation; for C-C: Pschorr reaction, Heck-type reaction). Some of these methodologies have also been extended to the preparation of several diazino-fused ring systems.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1123-1139
Number of pages17
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - jún. 3 2004

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    Mátyus, P., Maes, B. U. W., Riedl, Z., Hajós, G., Lemière, G. L. F., Tapolcsányi, P., Monsieurs, K., Éliás, O., Dommisse, R. A., & Krajsovszky, G. (2004). New pathways towards pyridazino-fused ring systems. Synlett, (7), 1123-1139.