Multiplatform next-generation sequencing identifies novel RNA molecules and transcript isoforms of the endogenous retrovirus isolated from cultured cells

Norbert Moldován, Attila Szucs, Dóra Tombácz, Zsolt Balázs, Zsolt Csabai, Michael Snyder, Zsolt Boldogkoi

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In this study, we applied short-and long-read RNA sequencing techniques, as well as PCR analysis to investigate the transcriptome of the porcine endogenous retrovirus (PERV) expressed from cultured porcine kidney cell line PK-15. This analysis has revealed six novel transcripts and eight transcript isoforms, including five length and three splice variants. We were able to establish whether a deletion in a transcript is the result of the splicing of mRNAs or of genomic deletion in one of the PERV clones. Additionally, we re-annotated the formerly identified RNA molecules. Our analysis revealed a higher complexity of PERV transcriptome than it was earlier believed.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberfny013
JournalFEMS microbiology letters
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - márc. 1 2018


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