Measurement of K*(892)0 and K0 mesons in Al+Al collisions at 1.9A GeV

X. Lopez, N. Herrmann, K. Piasecki, A. Andronic, V. Barret, Z. Basrak, N. Bastid, M. L. Benabderrahmane, P. Buehler, M. Cargnelli, R. Čaplar, P. Crochet, P. Dupieux, M. Dželalija, L. Fabbietti, I. Fijał-Kirejczyk, Z. Fodor, P. Gasik, I. Gašparić, Y. GrishkinO. N. Hartmann, K. D. Hildenbrand, B. Hong, T. I. Kang, J. Kecskemeti, M. Kirejczyk, Y. J. Kim, M. Kiš, P. Koczon, M. Korolija, R. Kotte, A. Lebedev, Y. Leifels, V. Manko, J. Marton, T. Matulewicz, M. Merschmeyer, W. Neubert, D. Pelte, M. Petrovici, F. Rami, W. Reisdorf, M. S. Ryu, P. Schmidt, A. Schüttauf, Z. Seres, B. Sikora, K. S. Sim, V. Simion, K. Siwek-Wilczyńska, V. Smolyankin, K. Suzuki, Z. Tyminski, P. Wagner, E. Widmann, K. Wiśniewski, Z. G. Xiao, I. Yushmanov, X. Y. Zhang, A. Zhilin, J. Zmeskal, P. Kienle, T. Yamazaki

Research output: Article

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A new measurement of subthreshold K*(892)0 and K0 production is presented. The experimental data complete the measurement of strange particles produced in Al+Al collisions at 1.9A GeV measured with the FOPI detector at SIS at GSI (Darmstadt). The K*(892)0/K0 yield ratio is found to be 0.0315±0.006(stat.)±0.012(syst.) and is in good agreement with the transport model prediction. These measurements provide information on the in-medium cross section of K+- fusion, which is the dominant process in subthreshold K*(892)0 production.

Original languageEnglish
Article number061902
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - jún. 21 2010

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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    Lopez, X., Herrmann, N., Piasecki, K., Andronic, A., Barret, V., Basrak, Z., Bastid, N., Benabderrahmane, M. L., Buehler, P., Cargnelli, M., Čaplar, R., Crochet, P., Dupieux, P., Dželalija, M., Fabbietti, L., Fijał-Kirejczyk, I., Fodor, Z., Gasik, P., Gašparić, I., ... Yamazaki, T. (2010). Measurement of K*(892)0 and K0 mesons in Al+Al collisions at 1.9A GeV. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 81(6), [061902].