Local and global uncertainty analysis of complex chemical kinetic systems

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Computer modelling plays a crucial part in the understanding of complex chemical reactions. Parameters of elementary chemical and physical processes are usually determined in independent experiments and are always associated with uncertainties. Two typical examples of complex chemical kinetic systems are the combustion of gases and the photochemical processes in the atmosphere. In this study, local uncertainty analysis, the Morris method, and Monte Carlo analysis with Latin hypercube sampling were applied to an atmospheric and to a combustion model. These models had 45 and 37 variables along with 141 and 212 uncertain parameters, respectively. The toolkit used here consists of complementary methods and is able to map both the sources and the magnitudes of uncertainties. In the case of the combustion model, the global uncertainties of the local sensitivity coefficients were also investigated, and the order of parameter importance based on local sensitivities were found to be almost independent of the parameter values within their range of uncertainty.

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JournalReliability Engineering and System Safety
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Publication statusPublished - okt. 1 2006

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