Late mortality in survivors of childhood cancer in Hungary

Zsuzsanna Jakab, Miklos Garami, Katalin Bartyik, Monika Csoka, Daniel Janos Erdelyi, Peter Hauser, Attila Juhasz, Agnes Kelemen, Gergely Krivan, Peter Masat, Judit Müller, Csilla Nagy, György Peter, Imre Renyi, Istvan Szegedi, Agnes Vojcek, Marianna Zombori, Edit Bardi, Gabor Kovacs

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The Hungarian Pediatric Oncology Network provides centralized treatment and population-based registration for cases of childhood cancer since 1973. We collected and analized data on late mortality, secondary malignancies and cardiac diseases in survivors (> 5 years) of childhood cancer to evaluate long-term risks. We extracted all solid tumour cases (3,650 followed up for 5–39.3 years, diagnosis: 1973–2008) from the database of the Hungarian Childhood Cancer Registry and checked against the Population Registry. Among the 301 patients who died after 5 years (8.2%) the most common causes of death were progression of primary cancer (52.5%), secondary malignancies (16%) and cardiovascular diseases (8%). Late mortality rates (SMR, total: 35,006 pyrs) showed highly elevated risk of death (SMR: 10.7 95% CI 9–12.4) for the second 5 years of follow up and moderately elevated risk for 10-year survivors (SMR: 3.5 95% CI 3–4.1). Marked differences were detected in the pattern of causes of death between diagnostic groups of primary cancer; with highest risks beyond 10 years for CNS tumours, Hodgkin disease, osteosarcoma and advanced stage neuroblastoma. The longstanding mortality risk for 5-year survivors underlines the need for tailored long-term follow-up and monitoring of late consequences according to the context of different primary diseases of childhood cancer.

Original languageEnglish
Article number10761
JournalScientific reports
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - dec. 1 2020

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    Jakab, Z., Garami, M., Bartyik, K., Csoka, M., Erdelyi, D. J., Hauser, P., Juhasz, A., Kelemen, A., Krivan, G., Masat, P., Müller, J., Nagy, C., Peter, G., Renyi, I., Szegedi, I., Vojcek, A., Zombori, M., Bardi, E., & Kovacs, G. (2020). Late mortality in survivors of childhood cancer in Hungary. Scientific reports, 10(1), [10761].