Integrated lithography to prepare arrays of rounded nano-objects

Áron Sipos, Anikó Szalai, Mária Csete

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An integrated lithography method is presented to prepare rounded nano-objects with variable shape, in arrays with arbitrary symmetry and wavelength-scaled periodicity. Finite element method was applied to determine the near-field confinement under monolayers of silver and gold colloid spheres illuminated by circularly polarized beams possessing periodic intensity distribution, and to predict the shape of nano-objects, which can be fabricated on thin noble metal layers on glass substrates. It was shown that illumination by perpendicularly incident homogeneous beam results in hexagonal array of uniform nano-rings, while uniform nano-crescents appear due to single obliquely incident beam. Illumination of colloid sphere monolayers by interfering beams causes development of co-existent nano-rings and nanocrescents. It was demonstrated that the periodicity of complex patterns is determined by the wavelength and angle of incidence; the inter-object distance is controlled by the relative orientation of interference patterns with respect to colloid sphere monolayers; the nano-object size is determined by the wavelength, sphere diameter and material; while the nearfield distribution sensitively depends on the direction of illumination by circularly polarized light. We present complex patterns of various rounded nano-objects that can be uniquely fabricated via Circular Integrated Interference and Colloid sphere Lithography (CIICL), and applied as plasmonic and meta-materials.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAlternative Lithographic Technologies IV
ISBN (Print)9780819489791
Publication statusPublished - jan. 1 2012
EventAlternative Lithographic Technologies IV - San Jose, CA, United States
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OtherAlternative Lithographic Technologies IV
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