Despite an increase in the number of antihyperglycaemic drugs with different mechanism of action insulin is the mainstream of diabetes therapy even today. In the last decade new rapid- and long-acting insulin analogues presented themselves on the palette of insulin preparations using a vigorous promotion. Nowadays the choice of treatment in type 1 diabetic patients is the intensified insulin therapy in the form of multiple daily insulin injections or pump treatment. Guidelines today suggest the possible earliest start of insulin treatment in type 2 diabetic persons which has, however, some difficulties to fulfill. The form of the first insulin treatment might be an to metformin add-on basal insulin, human or analogue premix or prandial insulin therapy, occasionally a multiple daily basal-bolus insulin regimen. The thought-provoking review is an evidence based description of advantages and disadvantages of different insulin preparations and regimens.

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  • Insulin analogues
  • Insulin treatment
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes

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