Országos táplálkozás és tápláltsági állapot vizsgálat - OTÁP2009. V. A magyar lakosság mikroelem-bevitele

Andrea Lugasi, Eszter Sarkadi Nagy, Andrea Zentai, Márta Bakacs, Éva Illés, Zsolt Baldauf, Éva Martos

Research output: Review article

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For a healthy status the adequate intake of microelements is vital. Aim and method: The Hungarian Diet and Nutritional Status Survey joining to the European Health Interview Survey studied the dietary habits of the Hungarian population. The present paper demonstrates the microelement intake. Results: While the intake of iron, copper and zinc was suffi cient in males, it was defi cient in females according to the Hungarian recommendations. Especially women in their reproductive age ingested iron below the recommendation, thus representing a health risk. In comparison to earlier Hungarian data, zinc and chromium intake decreased unfavorable. Conclusions: Since in Hungary the consumption of the whole grain products with high trace element content is traditionally low, as also refl ected in the present study, it would be desirable to increase the contribution of these foods in the diet in order to enhance the intake of microelements.

Translated title of the contributionHungarian diet and nutritional status survey the OTAP2009 study. V. microelement intake of the Hungarian population
Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)1177-1184
Number of pages8
JournalOrvosi hetilap
Issue number30
Publication statusPublished - júl. 1 2012


  • chromium
  • copper
  • iron
  • manganese
  • representative dietary survey
  • zinc

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