Global challenges require global cooperation

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There are many serious problems facing the world, and chemists have the skills and knowledge to make a significant contribution to solving them. In my own area of food chemistry there are the challenges of providing sufficient high quality and nutritious food for the rapidly-increasing global population; there is the need to promote sustainability across the whole food production chain; there are the global problems of diet-related diseases such as obesity which is a significant risk factor for many adverse health conditions, and there is the need to ensure that our aging society maintains its health and well-being so as to reduce spiraling health and social costs. To address each of these global issues requires interdisciplinary research, and effective knowledge transfer to consumers, industries and policymakers. In the current economic crisis there is a need for scientists, industries, and other stakeholders around the world to work together to overcome these challenges most cost-effectively. Experienced scientists must also pass on their knowledge, contacts and experience to help train the next generation of scientists and entrepreneurs who will be involved in addressing these and other challenges.

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