FT-IR study of some seco- and apocarotenoids

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FT-IR spectroscopy was applied to investigate 15 different carotenoids. The following compounds were examined: β-carotenone (1); semi-β-carotenon-epoxide (2); β-apo-8′-carotenal (3); ethyl-β-apo-8′-carotenoate (4); β-citraurin (5); 5,6-Epoxy-β-caroten-8′-al (6); β-citraurin-epoxide (7); apo-10′-violaxanthal (8); persicaxanthin (9); capsylaldehyde (10); capsanthylal (11); retinol (12); retinal (13); retinoic acid (14); and bixin (15). Some characteristic functional groups (C=C, C=O, CHO, OH, etc.) were identified. We focused on the influence of conjugation of the keto-, aldehyde- and ester groups on the absorption of the C=C bonds. This method is useful in the fast analysis of the biologically important carotenoids especially if there are small samples available.

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JournalJournal of biochemical and biophysical methods
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Publication statusPublished - okt. 1 2002

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