Étrend-kiegészítok a hazai piacon: A termékek forgalmazását, összetételét meghatározó jogszabályi eloírások

Andrea Lugasi, Márta Horacsek, Éva Martos

Research output: Review article

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According to recent legislation, food supplements are foodstuffs with the purpose of supplementing normal diet. Food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and other substances with a physiological or nutritional effect. In Hungary, marketing of food supplements has not been bound to pre-market authorization since joining to the European Union. The food business operator, who is responsible for production or distribution of the product, must notify it at National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science latest at the time when the product has been placed on the market and it can be distributed simultaneously. Distribution, ingredients, and all those information which appear on the label are determined by numerous regulations and prescriptions but at the same time the lack of harmonized legislation at certain places may cause a lot of problems on Community level. The first part of the study shows the laws and regulations influencing the distribution and ingredients of food supplements, while the main target of the second part is to introduce the evaluation process of components from nutritional and physiological point of view, and the role played by the food supplements in nutrition. Orv. Hetil., 2010, 39, 1563-1572.

Translated title of the contributionFood supplements on the Hungarian market. Regulations of marketing and composition of the products
Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)1563-1572
Number of pages10
JournalOrvosi hetilap
Issue number39
Publication statusPublished - szept. 1 2010


  • Food supplement
  • health claims
  • labeling
  • medicinal plants
  • minerals
  • novel foods
  • nutrition and health
  • other substances with physiological effects
  • vitamins

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