Belso rectushüvelybol képzett autograft érproté zis kísérletes vizsgálata kutyákban

Németh Tibor, Kóbori László, Dallos Gábor, Nemes Balázs, Járay Jeno, Perner Ferenc, Manczur Ferenc, Hetyei Csaba, Maarten J.H. Slooff, Koert P. De Jong

Research output: Article


Examinations were done on 16 experimental dogs. Autologous vascular grafting developed from internal rectus sheath was performed on both sided external iliac arteries (32 anastomoses). Dogs in group I.1. were heparinised, the individuals in II.1. were treated with Cyclosporine. Acetyl-salicylate anticoagulation therapy was administered in group I.2., which was also combined with Cyclosporine in group II.2. There was no technical difficulty neither during the development nor during the implantation of the grafts. Perioperative complication was not experienced either. In the postoperative period the physical and the Doppler ultrasonographic examination revealed well correlated results. In group I.1., I.2. and II. 1.2 of each suffered from either obturation by thrombotisation (I.1.) or stenosis at proximal anastomosis (I.2., II.1.). Grafts remained patent at 370 cm/sec flow rate detected and measured by Doppler. All grafts of group II.2. remained patent with an average of 383 cm/sec arterial flow rate. Macroscopic and histopathological evaluation of graft quality 3 months after implantation revealed that patent conduits pulsated normally showing an average of 1,5 mm widening of the lumen during reoperation. Mesothelial layer originated from the rectus sheath was detected just in spots by histopathology. Certain transformation process was dominant characterised by development of proendotheliai monolayer from the site of anastomoses covering mostly the entire inner surface of the graft. Elastic fibers as well as smooth muscle structures were found within the wall of the grafts in histology proving angiogenetic processes. Fibrin and small vessels were also detected with fibrin-collagen staining. The positive result of the von Willebrandt staining proved the appearance of proendothelial monolayer in immunohistochemistry. The electromicroscopic examination confirmed the presence of intact fibrin and elastic fibers as well as actin and well structured mitochondria as evidence of proper tissue oxygenisation. Cyclosporine was not proved to have degenerative effect on the rectus sheath graft.

Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)99-105
Number of pages7
JournalMagyar Allatorvosok Lapja
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - jan. 1 2005


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