Epoxidierung von Cucurbitaxanthin A: Herstellung von Cucurbitaxanthin B und seines 5′,6′‐Epimeren

József Deli, Zoltán Matus, Péter Molnár, Gyula Tóth, Zoltán Décsy, Conrad Hans Eugster

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Epoxidation of Cucurbitaxanthin A: Preparation of Cucurbitaxanthin B and of Its 5′,6′‐Epimer Cucurbitaxanthin A (= (3S,5R,6R,3′S)‐3,6‐epoxy‐5,6‐dihydro‐β,β‐carotene‐5,3′‐diol; 1) isolated from red pepper (Capsicum annuum var. longum nigrum) was trimethylsiylated and then epoxidized with monoperphthalic acid. After deprotection and chromatographic separation, cucurbitaxanthin B (= (3S,5R,6R, 3′S,5′R,6′S)‐3,6:5′,6′‐diepoxy‐5,6,5′,6′‐tetrahydro‐β,β‐carotene‐5,3′‐diol; 2) and 5′,6′‐diepicucurbitaxanthin B (= (3S,5R,6R, 3′S,5′S,6′R)‐3,6:5′,6′‐diepoxy‐5,6,5′,6′‐tetrahydro‐β,β‐carotene‐5,3′‐diol; 5) were obtained and carefully characterized. They show mirror‐like CD spectra and, therefore, emphasize the importance of the torsion angle of C(6)–C(7) on the electronic interaction between the polyene chain and the chiral end group.

Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)952-956
Number of pages5
JournalHelvetica Chimica Acta
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - jan. 1 1993

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