Electron diffraction on liquid water

Sándor Lengyel, Erika KáLmán

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X-RAY diffraction has been successfully used in determining radial distribution function in liquid water (see references in ref. 1). The few attempts2-7 to apply diffraction of a high energy electron beam to the same end in liquids in general has not led to usable diffraction patterns, particularly in the case of liquids of higher vapour pressure7. To overcome the difficulties arising from the strong absorption of electrons, we produced in an electron microscope a very thin layer of liquid water nearly in equilibrium with its vapour and prevented the pressure in the vicinity of the electron beam for increasing by evaporation. The liquid layer scattered the penetrating electron beam and usable diffraction patterns could be obtained.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)405-406
Number of pages2
Issue number5447
Publication statusPublished - dec. 1 1974

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