Effects of somatostatin and bromocryptine on the plasma ACTH level in bilaterally adrenalectomized patients with Cushing's disease

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The effects of somatostatin and bromocryptine were examined in patients bilaterally adrenalectomized because of Cushing's disease, in one of whom Nelson's syndrome had developed. Following a 250 μg (152 nmol) somatostatin bolus, administered i.v., a further 250 μg (152 nmol) somatostatin was given by infusion over 90 minutes. In all patients the high basal value of the serum ACTH was considerably decreased 60 minutes after the bolus, but after 240 minutes the basic value was almost restored. In the patients without Nelson's syndrome the plasma ACTH decreasing action of oral 2.5 mg (3.38 μmol) bromocryptine exceeded 300 minutes. In the Nelson's syndrome patient the early ACTH-decreasing effect of bromocryptine was greater, but after 300 minutes the ACTH level had risen to nearly twice the basic value.

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