L. Imre, I. Farkas, L. Fabri, G. Hecker

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Economic utilization of solar energy can be accomplished for drying agricultural products in the case of large systems, with integration of the solar system into the energetical system of the farm, employing optimalized and structurally integrated collectors and using proper controlling system. Economy analysis shows that payback time is most favourable with the all the year round operation. The dynamic payback calculations of complex solar drying systems are to be made at the stage of designing.

Original languageEnglish
PagesB8. 1-B8. 4
Publication statusPublished - dec. 1 1983

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    Imre, L., Farkas, I., Fabri, L., & Hecker, G. (1983). ECONOMICAL ASPECTS OF SOLAR DRYING.. B8. 1-B8. 4.