Determination of aflatoxin M1 in milk samples by an owls-based immunosensor

H. Szalontai, A. Kiss, N. Adányi

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An immunoreaction-based method was investigated for the detection of afl atoxin M1 (AFM1), which is the hydroxylated metabolite of afl atoxin B1 (AFB1). This mycotoxin may be found in milk and milk products obtained from livestock that have ingested contaminated feed. Quantitative analysis of AFM1 was carried out using indirect (competitive) immunoassay method, which can be used for low weight molecules. The real-time measurement was done with Optical Waveguide Lightmode Spectroscopy (OWLS) technique. After the optimization of the chemical and biochemical parameters (determination of the optimal concentration of the immobilized AFM1-protein conjugate, determination of the AFM1 antibody content of the samples, etc.) real samples were also examined. Three kinds of milk sample preparation methods (filtration, centrifugation, size exclusion centrifugation) and two dilution rates (100 and 200 fold) were compared. The presented competitive immunoassay method showed the best results when 100 fold diluted fi ltered or centrifuged milk samples were examined. The dynamic measuring ranges for AFM1 were 0.001-0.1 ng ml-1 and 0.0005-0.01 ng ml-1, respectively. 2014 Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)148-155
Number of pages8
JournalActa Alimentaria
Publication statusPublished - jún. 18 2014

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