Corrigendum to: Plant virus-mediated induction of miR168 is associated with repression of ARGONAUTE1 accumulation (The EMBO Journal, (2010), 29, 20, (3507-3519), 10.1038/emboj.2010.215)

Éva Várallyay, Anna Válóczi, Ákos Ágyi, József Burgyán, Zoltán Havelda

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The corrections are detailed below: Figure 6A. The upper AGO1 protein Western blot panel is a composite of two gels, which is now indicated with a dotted line (see corrected figure and source data online). This does not change the scientific value of the figure. A similar gel filtration experiment showing AGO1 protein, miR168 and miR159 patterns in gel filtration experiments was published in Mol Plant Pathol (2013) 14:567–575. Figure S1. (Figure Presented.). Figure 7A. In panel A, the incorrect actin loading control was displayed. The same control as used in panel C was inadvertently shown with the opposite orientation. This mistake did not alter the scientific conclusions of the figure. In the source data online, the red box indicates the proper loading control in the corrected figure. Confirmatory data are available in Mol Plant Pathol (2013) 14:567–575. Figure 4. (Figure Presentd.).

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