Comparison of Hydrosulfurization Zeolite Catalysts Prepared in Different Ways

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Transition metal ions can be introduced into zeolites by solid state ion-exchange for preparing catalysts to be used in hydrosulfurization. Chlorides of Co, Mn, Zn, Cd, Ca were contacted with NH4-Y; CdCl2 with NH4-MOR and NH4-X; and different compounds of Cd with NH4-Y. Ion-exchange was followed by i. r. spectroscopy: decrease of OH band intensity and bands generated by dissociative H2S adsorption were detected. The rearrangement of adsorbed bases after H2S adsorption observed in i. r. spectra indicated more extensive dissociative adsorption of H2S on Cd-faujasites prepared in solid state than in liquid phase ion-exchange. Dehydrosulfurization tests also revealed this recognition.

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JournalStudies in Surface Science and Catalysis
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Publication statusPublished - jan. 1 1991

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