Comparative effects of water immersion pretreatment on three different acute pancreatitis models in rats

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Cells respond to stress by upregulating the synthesis of cytoprotective heat shock proteins (HSPs) and antioxidant enzymes. The aim of this study was to compare the effects of cold (CWI) or hot water immersion (HWI) stress on three different acute pancreatitis models (cholecystokinin octapeptide (CCK), sodium taurocholate (TC), and L-arginine (Arg)). We examined the levels of pancreatic HSP60, HSP72, and antioxidants after the water immersion stress. Male Wistar rats were injected with CCK, TC, or Arg at the peak level of pancreatic HSP synthesis, as determined by Western blot analysis. HWI significantly elevated HSP72 expression and CWI significantly increased HSP60 expression in the pancreas. Water immersion stress decreased the levels of pancreatic antioxidants. CWI and HWI pretreatment ameliorated most of the examined laboratory and morphological parameters of CCK-induced pancreatitis. CWI pretreatment decreased pancreatic edema and the serum amylase level; however, the morphological damage was more severe in TC-induced acute pancreatitis. Overall, CWI and HWI pretreatment only decreased the serum cytokine concentrations in Arg-induced pancreatitis. CWI and HWI resulted in differential induction of pancreatic HSP60 and HSP72 and the depletion of antioxidants. The findings suggest the possible roles of HSP60 and (or) HSP72 (but not that of the antioxidant enzymes) in the protection against CCK- and TC-induced acute pancreatitis. Unexpectedly, CWI pretreatment was detrimental to the morphological parameters of TC-induced pancreatitis. It was demonstrated that CWI and HWI pretreatment only influenced cytokine synthesis in Arg-induced pancreatitis.

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