Clinical applications of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone and its analogues

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The clinical applications of GnRH and its analogues are discussed. GnRH can be used diagnostically to assess the releasable pool of LH and the status of gonadotrophin secretion. Clinically it can be used to induce follicle growth and ovulation In patients with hypogonadotrophic ajnenorrhoea, especially when given in pulsatile form, and there are reports that it might also stimulate spermatogenesis in men with hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism. Analogues are proving valuable in the treatment of precocious puberty, but are not yet practical for contraception. They are more valuable in the treatment of endometriosis, hormone-dependent cancers, the polycystic ovary and for the induction of ovulation for In-vitro fertilization.

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