Változóban a petefészekrák hosszú távú kezelési stratégiája - A platinamentes intervallum jelentosége

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It was during the last 15 years when justified by clinical studies the sensitivity/resistance to anticancer chemotherapy was included in the setting of the prognostic factors of the ovarian cancer, while demonstrating a stronger correlation with the outcome than those factors known before. Remission and duration of remission after first-line chemotherapy are the two important components of sensitivity and their combinations measure its grade in a semi-quantitative manner. The chemotherapy sensitivity/resistance approach is based on the observations on ovarian cancer patients treated with platinum based chemotherapy. This agent in repeated adminstrations during the whole course of the disease is still a decisive component of the ovarian cancer chemotherapy. As a consequence there is always "a platinum-free interval". The prolongation of this platinum-free interval with non-platinum chemotherapy has the potenciál of increasing the remission and survival by platinum reinduction administered in the third-line of chemotherapy. In spite of the facts mentioned above, there are centers which prefer the early re-administration of taxan/platinum combination to the prolongation of platinum-free interval and expose their patients to an elevated risk of cumulative, in the first-line non-haematological toxicity.The neurotoxicity can deteriorate the quality of life and the parenchymal laesion of kidneys can prevent further chemotherpy.

Translated title of the contributionChanging strategy in the long-term treatment of ovarian cancer - On the importance of platinum-free interval
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JournalLege Artis Medicinae
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Publication statusPublished - nov. 1 2008


  • Chemotherapy
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Prolongation of platinum-free interval

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