Változások a tüdo echinococcus ciszta sebészi kezelésében.

László Kerekes, István Takács, Sándor Kollár, Lukács Veres, Péter Sápy, Sándor Sz Kiss

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The lung is the second most common site of hydatid cysts after the liver. The authors analyse retrospectively the results of patients treated with pulmonary hydatid cysts in the past 18 years, considering video-thoracoscopy. Twenty eight patients were treated during this period in 31 cases. Hydatid disease affected only the lung in case of 22 patients, while in 6 cases it was present in the liver and lung simultaneously. Pulmonary hydatid disease affected one side in 24 and both sides in 4 cases. For surgical treatment pericystectomy in one, atypical segment resection in 18, anatomical segmentectomy in three, lobectomy in 7 and video-thoracoscopy in 3 cases were performed without surgical complications. The mean hospital stay was 10.5 days in case of thoracotomies and 8.5 days in case of video-thoracoscopy. There was one recurrence in conventional surgery and reoperation was necessary. After video-thoracoscopy no recurrence was detected. Mean follow-up was 120 months, after video-thoracoscopy it was 20 months. Three patients have uncertain chest pain after thoracotomy, but none has any complaints after video-thoracoscopy. Fifteen patients took mebendazole permanently after the final histological result. According to the authors' practice the indication of lung resections for pulmonary hydatid cysts is limited, in selective cases video-thoracoscopic cystectomy can be a successful treatment of choice.

Translated title of the contributionChanges in surgical therapy of pulmonary hydatid cysts
Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)358-363
Number of pages6
JournalMagyar sebészet
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - dec. 2004

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    Kerekes, L., Takács, I., Kollár, S., Veres, L., Sápy, P., & Sz Kiss, S. (2004). Változások a tüdo echinococcus ciszta sebészi kezelésében. Magyar sebészet, 57(6), 358-363.