Pancreasbetegségekhez társuló cardiovascularis eltérések.

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Under physiological conditions, the pancreas scarcely influences the function of the cardiovascular system, although the hormones produced in the healthy pancreas (insulin, glucagon and somatostatin) affect the myocardial contractility in pharmacological doses. Among the diseases of the pancreas, the pancreatic tumours (insulinoma, glucagonoma and vipoma), furthermore the acute and chronic pancreatitis involve cardiovascular complications, which influence the outcome of the disease. Although the clinical picture is dominated by the metabolic changes of the excessively produced hormones in pancreatic tumours, the cardiac and vascular effects of the hormones may be considerable. In acute necrotizing pancreatitis, enzymes released from the pancreas and inflammatory mediators transform acute necrotizing pancreatitis into "multiple organ disease"; one of the important forms of this disease is the cardiovascular shock syndrome. One of the best-known complications of chronic pancreatitis is the pancreoprive diabetes mellitus, and beside that other, nonspecific cardiac alterations (e.g. ECG-changes) may occur.

Translated title of the contributionCardiovascular complications of pancreatis diseases
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JournalOrvosi hetilap
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Publication statusPublished - júl. 27 1997

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