BioArena System for Studying Key Molecules as well as Ingredients In Biological Samples

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Development of the BioArena system led to new possibilities in bioassay-guided detection, fractionation, and isolation. BioArena integrates the advantages of layer liquid chromatography (ideally, variants of linear overpressured layer chromatography) with basic direct bioautography and visual and spectroscopic/spectrometric evaluation of chromatographic spots/bands before and after biological detection. BioArena studies include special chemical/biochemical interactions. Therefore, knowledge of chemical/biochemical background with some biological aspects of this system is especially important to understanding the complicated biochemical reactions. The up-to-date achievements of the BioArena system are summarized in special sections from chance observations through mechanism of action of different compounds (e.g. antibiotics, antineoplastics, trace elements) to extension of in vitro (BioArena) results to in vivo conditions (e.g. greenhouse experiments) including basic elements of hormesis and stress syndrome, as well as homeopathy. In these in vitro and in vivo reactions, HCHO and its main reaction product, endogenous O3, play crucial roles.

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