Advances in the application of technology to epilepsy: The CIMIT/NIO epilepsy innovation summit

Steven C. Schachter, John Guttag, Steven J. Schiff, Donald L. Schomer, Massoud Akhtari, Eric M. Bailey, Shirn L. Baptiste, Gregory L. Barkley, John M. Beggs, Renée Béland, Walter Besio, Devin K. Binder, Paolo Bonato, Edward Bromfield, Peter Brunner, Chad Carlson, Sydney S. Cash, Andrew J. Cole, Olivier Commowick, Orrin DevinskyWerner K. Doyle, Ross Dunseath, Jerome J. Engel, Emad Eskandar, Felipe Fregni, Mark G. Frei, Jacqueline French, Karen Gale, Anne Gallagher, Nina Graves, Robert E. Gross, John Guttag, Eric Halgren, Leigh Hochberg, David Hsu, Murielle Hsu, Leon D. Iasemidis, Pedro Irazoqui, Kanthaiah Koka, Ruben Kuzniecky, Maryse Lassonde, Franco Lepore, Nandor Ludvig, Joseph Madsen, Chiara Mancinelli, Francis McGlone, Geza Medveczky, Andrei V. Medvedev, Martha Morrell, Dang Khoa Nguyen, Ivan Osorio, Trudy Pang, Shyamal Patel, Ben Patritti, Steve M. Potter, Jenna Rickus, Anthony L. Ritaccio, Michael A. Rogawski, John D. Rolston, Alexander Rotenberg, Steven M. Rothman, J. Chris Sackellares, Steven C. Schachter, Gerwin Schalk, Steven J. Schiff, Ali Hossam Shoeb, Donald L. Schomer, Gary E. Strangman, Hai M. Tang, Reese S. Terry, Thomas Thesen, Wilson Truccolo, Istvan Ulbert, Simon Warfield, Quan Zhang

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In 2008, a group of clinicians, scientists, engineers, and industry representatives met to discuss advances in the application of engineering technologies to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with epilepsy. The presentations also provided a guide for further technological development, specifically in the evaluation of patients for epilepsy surgery, seizure onset detection and seizure prediction, intracranial treatment systems, and extracranial treatment systems. This article summarizes the discussions and demonstrates that cross-disciplinary interactions can catalyze collaborations between physicians and engineers to address and solve many of the pressing unmet needs in epilepsy.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3-46
Number of pages44
JournalEpilepsy and Behavior
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - szept. 2009

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  • Neurology
  • Clinical Neurology
  • Behavioral Neuroscience

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    Schachter, S. C., Guttag, J., Schiff, S. J., Schomer, D. L., Akhtari, M., Bailey, E. M., Baptiste, S. L., Barkley, G. L., Beggs, J. M., Béland, R., Besio, W., Binder, D. K., Bonato, P., Bromfield, E., Brunner, P., Carlson, C., Cash, S. S., Cole, A. J., Commowick, O., ... Zhang, Q. (2009). Advances in the application of technology to epilepsy: The CIMIT/NIO epilepsy innovation summit. Epilepsy and Behavior, 16(1), 3-46.