A tumorágy kiegészítő besugárzásának hatása a lokális daganatmentességre emlőmegtartó műtét után: Az Országos Onkológiai Intézet randomizált "boost" vizsgálatának első eredményei

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Purpose: To evaluate the effect of tumour bed boost on local tumour control (LTC) after breast conserving surgery in a prospective study. Methods: Between 1995 and 1998, 207 women with early invasive breast cancer who underwent conservative operation were treated by 50 Gy irradiation to the whole breast and then randomly assigned to receive either no further radiotherapy (n=103) or a boost to the tumour bed (n=104) with either 16 Gy electron (n=52) or 12-14.25 Gy high dose rate brachytherapy (n=52). Results: At a median follow-up of 4.25 years the crude rate of local recurrence was 6.7% with and 13.6% without boost. The respective rates of tumour bed relapse were 3.8% vs. 10.7%. The 4 year probability of LTC, relapse-free survival and breast cancer-specific survival was 94.2% vs. 85.1% (p=0.1176), 82.3% vs. 67.2% (p=0.0438) and 84.8% vs. 90.9% (p=0.1111), respectively, in favour of the boost group. Systemic treatments had no significant impact on LTC (88.9% with and 89.6% without systemic treatment, p=0.8858). Conclusion: Tumour bed boost decreased the incidence of local and tumor bed relapses with a reduction of 50% and 64%, respectively. Relapse-free survival was improved significantly with boost. However, the influence of boost treatment on breast cancer-specific survival should be tested in further studies. In spite of the higher incidence of late radiation side effects in the boost arm, boost dose is strongly recommended for patients at high risk for local recurrence. The final results of the EORTC trial and other ongoing studies will help to clarify the indication of boost dose according to prognostic subgroups.

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