A quantitative electron microscopic study of the purkinje cell axon initial segment

P. Somogyu, J. Hámori

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Quantitative electron microscopic examination of seventeen Purkinje cell axon initial segments has revealed the presence of a small but definite number of synapsing basket axon boutons on the initial segment, with an average of 3.5 axo-axonic synapses in the cat, and 2.9 in the rat. Although approximately 80% of the initial segment surface is covered by thin glial processes, 14.4% of the initial segment surface in the rat and 25.8% in the cat is contacted by synapsing and non-synaptic basket axons of varying size. It is suggested that the axq-axonic synapses represent a significant component of the powerful inhibition of the Purkinje cell by basket axons.

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Publication statusPublished - okt. 1976


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