Uj, sugárzásmentes csontvelö-transzplantációs kondicionáló kezelés dibróm-mannitollal krónikus myeloid leukaemiában.

E. Kelemen, R. Dénes, A. Barta, T. Masszi, P. Reményi, K. Pálóczi, A. Bátai, E. Torbágyo, A. Sipos, L. Lengyel, K. Jakab, E. Gyódi, M. Réti, J. Földi, P. Páldi-Haris, A. Manuel, S. Fekete, J. Török, I. Hoffer, J. JakabG. Váradi, G. Petrányi

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A new, radiation-free, conditioning protocol, containing the original Hungarian mitobronitol (DBM) (DBM/ cytosine arabinoside/cyclosphosphamide) has been applied to 36 chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients followed by bone marrow transplantation (BMT) from HLA identical sibling donors between 1990-1997. In spite of some prognostically disadvantageous factors (half of them were above 40 years, 10 out of 36 patients were in accelerated phase, the disease history was longer than 2 years in average) the overall survival (30/36) and the leukemia free survival rate (26/36) were in accordance with the best international results. Transplantation-related toxicity was remarkably reduced in comparison to bone marrow transplantation performed by total body irradiation/cyclophosphamide (TBI/Cy) or busulphan/cyclophosphamide (Bu/Cy) conditioning protocols. Acute graft versus host disease was present in lower percentage (9/36) and the number of serious cases was only 2/36. Chronic GVH disease, generally known to be associated with antileukemic effect (GVL), occurred in 25 of cases. Early haematological relapse among the 34 patients with functioning graft occurred in 6 patients which rate is slightly higher than reported after TBI/Cy or Bu/Cy conditioning treatment. There was no relapse among patients transplanted within one year post-diagnosis and patients having CML with accelerated phase. The leukemia free post-transplant period was in association with the chronic GVH disease and full chimeric state.

Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)2003-2001; discussion 2011-2012
JournalOrvosi hetilap
Issue number34
Publication statusPublished - aug. 23 1998


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Kelemen, E., Dénes, R., Barta, A., Masszi, T., Reményi, P., Pálóczi, K., Bátai, A., Torbágyo, E., Sipos, A., Lengyel, L., Jakab, K., Gyódi, E., Réti, M., Földi, J., Páldi-Haris, P., Manuel, A., Fekete, S., Török, J., Hoffer, I., ... Petrányi, G. (1998). Uj, sugárzásmentes csontvelö-transzplantációs kondicionáló kezelés dibróm-mannitollal krónikus myeloid leukaemiában. Orvosi hetilap, 139(34), 2003-2001; discussion 2011-2012.