20th anniversary of Budapest nephrology school: History and lessons

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Nephrology practice and research in Hungary was strong in the last century. Sándor von Korányi, founder of renal pathophysiology, was the first who applied freezing point reduction to measure osmotic activity of urine and coined the term renal insufficiency. After a decline in the standards of nephrology practice in the 1970s to 80s, I established the Hungarian Kidney Foundation in order to revitalize nephrology in Hungary and the region. Besides, a PhD programme was successfully introduced together with the Budapest Nephrology School (BNS). During the 20 years of its history the BNS became one of the most successful one-week-long CME refresher nephrology course having more than 1500 students representing 61 countries. BNS is a meeting point of young talented nephrologists and dedicated experts proving that personal contacts, discussions cannot be substituted by books, videos or internet. BNS has been a unique tool to once again bring Budapest into the center of attention and recognition for the development of regional nephrology.

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